As you are searching for widow women in Chennai area. So here is the list of widow females from Chennai. There are many widow ladies who have registered in this portal from Chennai and are looking for people who want to marry again due to their widow status and are open for friendship. The contact details and phone numbers of widow females from Chennai are available to registered members. The total number of such profiles are given below and page wise results are shown.

Following table shows the detailed list of these profiles of widow ladies in Chennai:. Widow women in Chennai for second marriage Widow females from Chennai are listed below: As you are searching for widow women in Chennai area.

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Following table shows the detailed list of these profiles of widow ladies in Chennai: List of Widow Women in Chennai - Showing out of results. Every one has right to live happy in this world, to make Friends, hangout, enjoy the life. To give the life a second chance is a good thought in the modern era. People who lost their spouse in the middle of life due to death or divorce should try to find a new life partner. Life is for living to its full so why not give it a chance again. Most of the times the second marriage is most successful than the first one because both partners know the value of marriage and their life partners and therefore settle down their differences very easily.

At this web portal an attempt has been made to help people looking for second marriage for FREE. Sandhya Urs.

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Free member can see. Petrina Fernado years from Chennai, India. Petrina Fernado. Shaliny Krishnaraj years from Chennai, India. Shaliny Krishnaraj. Priya Faith years from Chennai, India. Priya Faith. Neyas Venkat years from Chennai, India. Neyas Venkat. Kanimozhi Kumar years from Chennai, India. Kanimozhi Kumar. Ganga Priya years from Chennai, India.

Ganga Priya.

second marriage girl mobile number in tamilnadu

Premavathy Madhanasekar years from Chennai, India. Premavathy Madhanasekar. Meena years from Chennai, India. Yasmin years from Chennai, India. Hemalatha Jayakumar years from Chennai, India.

Hemalatha Jayakumar.Are you a working woman? The Indian experience of a second marriage is still relatively uncommon.

One blogger shares her experience with her second marriage. This is my experience with second marriage and it may not be true for everyone else. I waited long enough for this man, ergo, he must be the answer to all that ails me.

Why must I still be expected to work on finding my own happiness or put forth the effort to make this second marriage a happy one? It is as if the long, frustrating and often hopeless waiting to get to this state entitles me to happiness without any further ado. We have only one child mine between the two of us, so I have it a lot easier than couples who marry for the second time and need to bring many kids together. Even so, there are challenges and complications due to the presence of a child.

Mine was acutely insecure for several months into our marriage. On the one hand, she had this compulsive need to ensure that my husband had what it took to keep me happy but on the other, when she saw us happy together she grew afraid of losing her mother to a relative stranger.

The two forces worked in equal and opposite directions bringing a great deal of stress into the family. It took a lot of reassurances from both of us and demonstrating to her that her position in my life had not diminished in any way to alleviate that insecurity.

Both my husband and I have shed several friendships in the wake of our marriage. On his end, this were friends that felt compassion or pity for him because he was floundering partner-less without direction in life. By inviting him into their families, they got an opportunity to feel better about themselves and rejoice in their superior standing in life.

This pity-fest had been going on for years and all at once my presence post his second marriage ended it. I had been a feel good project for several of my girlfriends — married and single. They could do little things to help me out, reduce the burden of my responsibilities as a single mom without inconveniencing themselves seriously.

By ceasing to be single, I had taken away their opportunity to be Good Samaritans and they were quick to dump me as well. The result is that we are relatively friendless, in need of building a social life all over again and the very idea is irksome.

We have found out that parents get used to us being single and dependent on them a lot more than we would have otherwise been. As much as they would like for lives to return to normalcy and for us to find a life partner, they are often unable to relinquish what they had from us in the years past. My mother for instance ran my household like it was her own, without any interference from anyone. I was too desperate and grateful for the help to question her authority. She is now failing to recognize that her role has changed and she needs to play a very minor part in my family.

We both expect the other person to communicate clearly what they want. Yet for the smallest things to take so much back and forth tires us out. We have the social roles and responsibilities of a couple with a ten year old child, when the second marriage is not even two years old.

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What would come naturally to a couple of our vintage, takes a lot of doing for us to accomplish. With that, small tasks become Herculean efforts and we are both left emotionally exhausted. With so much energy expended in setting appropriate expectations for mundane things, we have none left to work on cementing the relationship — it inevitably gets pushed to the back-burner.

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We have the social roles and responsibilities of a couple with a ten year old child, when the marriage is not even two years old.Id : pal Meerut Wkg. Com, C. Id : nee Bulandshahr Wkg. Ed, NTT. Id : var Id : anu A, One Year Computer Diploma. Id : ren Id : man Ed, LLB. Id : kam Ed, M. Id : sak A, GNM. Id : lat Lucknow Wkg. Id : s Kashipur u. Id : kan Muradnagar Wkg.

second marriage girl mobile number in tamilnadu

LIB, B. A, From Modinagar. Id : rac Bareilly Wkg.Simple Search. Tamil Matrimony. This is a FREE service. Enter your partner criteria and start searching for your best match. Recently added. She is 31 years old, from : Mysore, Karnataka. She is a Tamil : ChristianRoman Catholic. She is 26 years old, from Coimbatore.

I have completed my Diploma. I enjoy the simple joys life has to offer and love to spend time with my family. View Profile on Shaadi. She is 31 years old, from : Bangalore, Karnataka.

She is a Tamil : ChristianBaptist. She is 35 years old, from Chennai. She is a Tamil HinduMudaliar Saiva. She is 33 years old, from : Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu. Added 7 days ago. She is 27 years old, from Chennai. Education: Associates degree - Commerce.

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She is a Tamil HinduVanniyar. I have completed my Associates degree. I enjoy being around people and believe in living life with positivity. She is 34 years old, from : Cary, United States of America. She is a Tamil : HinduBrahmin Iyengar.

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She is 28 years old, from Tiruvannamalai. She is a Tamil HinduUdayar. She has completed her Masters. She is 30 years old, from : Chennai, Tamil Nadu. She is a Tamil : HinduPillai. She is 36 years old, from High Wycombe, United Kingdom. Education: Bachelors - Education. She is a Tamil HinduGounder. She has completed her Bachelors. Get new profiles matching these criteria.

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second marriage girl mobile number in tamilnadu

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I need a future life partner, therefore I have shared it. It was my dream to find my life partner online.Widow matrimony by iMarriages is a free service that provides Indian widows and widowers with a way to connect with others who have also lost their life partners.

Orphan Girls' Marriage- a reality or an utopia?

We know that it is not easy starting a new relationship after the loss of your partner but by communicating with other people who are widowed and gone through similar experiences, that difficult first step will be much easier. There is no reason to be ashamed of finding a new companion to spend our short time on this earth with if your first partner has passed away.

Widow Matrimony by iMarriages. Register Login About Us Home. The only matrimony site in India that allows you to send messages for free.

Create your free profile:. Select Gender Male Female. Select Mothertongue. I am hafize quran and has done master in mathematics and I have done my marriage after eight ye Our family is upper middle class and traditional. Our family is middle class and moderate.

I only have 1 sibling and they are married. I am curren My family is middle class and moderate. I only have one sibling. I don't smoke or drink I have four siblings, of which three are married. I have attain I have 1 sibling who is married. Residing in Chennai. I am non veg I hail from a middle class, traditional family.

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I have no siblings. I am currently working f My family is upper class and traditional. I have 2 baby dof which 1 are married. I eat a non ve Look very young for my age.